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Worship Services 

Come as a Guest leave as Family

Weekly Services

CMG Editor - September 13 2021 (1)

Sunday School is at 9:00 Am. You can Call and connect via 312-626-6799 The access code is 7088906465

CMG Editor - September 13 2021 (2)

Prayer meeting Wednesday's at 5:00 P.m.

CMG Editor - September 13 2021 (3)

Bible Study is held on Wednesday Night at 5:30 P.m.

CMG Editor - September 13 2021

Worship Services starts promptly at 10:00 AM every Sunday.

Services (weekly)





Please plan to arrive no earlier than 9:45 to complete the screening process.

  • All attendees will be screened for temperature. If any member of your party is shown to be admitting a temperature of 100.4 or above the (ENTIRE) group will be denied access based on CDC guidelines for asymptomatic carriers.

  • We are asking that everyone wear a face mask upon entering the building and that take use of the hand sanitizer. We are able to provide face mask for you.

  • Doors will close promptly at 10:00 a.m. and screening process will end. No additional admittance will be allowed once this process has ended.


  • You will be directed to your seat

  • We will fill the sanctuary from front to back

  • Members of the same household will be seated together (were possible 5 to a pew)

  • Single/Individuals will be seated on opposite ends of a single pew (two persons per pew)

  • Exiting will be done in reverse order

  • We ask that you try to remain seated at all time


  • ​Screening

  • Mask/Sanitizer 

  • Social Distancing



  • Please have your tithes and offering prepared upon entrance /existing the church

  • We will not be passing a plate around

    • Please use the lock box

    • Use the app



  • Order of Services will be condensed

    • No bulletins

    • Communion Cups will be available in the vestibule for you to pickup upon arrival

    • We ask that upon dismal you EXIT THE BUILDING PROMPTLY. Please don’t linger in the vestibule, washrooms, or entrance of the church.


  • All previous call in services will continue (call and connect services) 312-626-6799  Access Code 7088906465

    • Sunday School

    • Prayer Service

    • Bible Study


  • All Live services on Facebook and Website will continue

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