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Giving Made Easy

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Your Generosity is Needed

This coming week  will give us an opportunity for generosity that we may never see again in our lifetime.  As a church we want to meet the needs of our community, and we'll need the funds to  lives changed in Jesus' name.

This is a totally new challenge for our community and we want to encourage you to continue to give faithfully to our general budget here at New Community Baptist Church.  Even though we aren't meeting this Sunday morning right now, we still have the same mission.

We are still here to follow Jesus, lead with love and live the bigger story.

Ministry might look a little different but, your support still makes that good work possible.  Please use the App on your smartphone or the give button on this page to  support New Community.   You are also encouraged to use your bank's bill pay application to forward your Tithes and Offerings. 

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